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Here's a project file that demonstrates the problem. I'm working in the 
most recent ver. of Squeak from www.squeak.org (just downloaded a few 
days ago) .... 3.9-final-7067

When I activate the script with the object controlled by a joystick, the 
first few times it hits the top of the world and it's silent - all is 
well. But at some point, after 3 or 4 or 5 collisions, it's no longer 

All help much appreciated and thanks very much in advance for looking at 
the project (made by a student in the class I'm teaching).



Scott Wallace wrote:
> Hi, polishookm,
> I cannot reproduce the phenomenon you describe in any image I have 
> close to hand -- not in Squeak 3.9, not in Squeakland3.8-05, and not 
> in the OLPC etoys image.   (Can anyone else?)
> What version of Squeak are you using?  If it's 3.10, I'll leave it for 
> other 3.10 users to track this down, since I don't have a copy of 3.10 
> handy.
> Otherwise, perhaps you could email me a copy of a project of yours 
> which exhibits this symptom...
> Cheers,
> -- Scott
> On Feb 20, 2008, at 6:38 PM, polishookm wrote:
>> I"m finding that with
>> [Rectangle forward by 5]
>> [Rectangle bounce silence]
>> the rectangle eventually collides with the top of the world and 
>> bounces off in the opposite direction - with no sound ... the bounce 
>> is silent.
>> However, this script
>> [Rectangle forward by JoyStick's upDown * 8]
>> [Rectangle bounce silence]
>> doesn't allow the Rectangle bounce silently off the edge of the 
>> world. In this case, when the rectangle  reaches the top of the 
>> world, it makes a bouncing sound. The exact sound can be selected in 
>> the [Rectangle bounce silence] tile. But selecting 'silence' as the 
>> sound doesn't seem to work.
>> Am I missing something obvious? Shouldn't it be possible to silence 
>> the bounce?
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