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Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Fri Feb 29 04:05:51 UTC 2008

Here's what I sent.


From: Ron Teitelbaum [mailto:Ron at USMedRec.com] 

You are quite welcome!

Have fun!!


From: (Barbara) 


From: Ron Teitelbaum [mailto:Ron at USMedRec.com] 

It sounds like you had some fun.  If you are running on a windows machine
then you can just print the screen.  To do that, do the following.

On a laptop press these three buttons down.  So that they are all down at
one time.  Ctrl – Fn – Print Scrn   the Fn and Print Screen are usually in a
different color like blue or green.  

On a regular keyboard just press Ctrl – Print Scrn.  The button is usually
in a block in the top just right of the regular keys.

Now you have your image in memory on your computer.  To print it you need to
put it into a printable document.  If you have Word then you can open word
and select Edit->Paste from the menu, or you could press Ctrl – v.  This
will place the picture into the file and you can print it.

If you do not have Word, then look for Programs > Accessories > WordPad. 
Open WordPad and then paste as above by using either Edit -> Paste from the
Menu, or pressing Ctrl and v together.  

I hope you had fun with squeak.  Don’t forget to check out Scratch.  Scratch
is the Squeak software written at M.I.T. that allows your kids to make their
own games.  They can even put their own pictures in.  It’s really fun, even
for old fogies.

Hope that helps,
Ron Teitelbaum


do you know if there is anyway to print something from squeak....  long
story, but my children made a great drawing in squeak for a school project -
but neither the teacher or me can figure out how to print.....  we spent
hours on the picture, there has to be a way...hopefully...
Barbara Costello
Avaya Government Solutions

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