[Newbies] Invoking MIDIInputParser

George Kopeczky mrdelurk at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 27 07:58:52 UTC 2008

I'm a Squeak newbie with nearly zero programming experience, brought here by a search after a tool that will let me capture, view as hex (and hopefully, save) a rare type of MIDI message (Active Sensing) which is unrecorded by every MIDI sequencing application I tried. 

The MIDIInputParser object seems to be the ticket, but how do I invoke it? Whether I choose "Object Catalog" from the menu, or just click the Objects tab in Squeak's playfield, there is no trace of MIDIInputParser (or its Sound-Score Category) between the resources offered. I looked at the Squeak tutorials list, I haven't seen a MIDI-related one. I could use a little orientation on how to proceed... thank you in advance


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