[Newbies] Nothing's working

Lee Nixon psycloneranger at gmail.com
Fri May 9 23:15:11 UTC 2008

   When I first got Squeak last night I took a quick look at it and
was quite impressed--thought it had a lot of potential not only for
the project I currently want to do, but  I could see possibilities for
quite a few others as well.  So this morning I got a copy of 'Squeak
by Example', skimmed over the 'hello' and 'add two plus two' sections
and started in on the first simple program 'Quinto'.
   Nothing--absolutely <nothing.> ---  works the way the author
describes it.  I did get a few things to work, but I had to piddle
around (click on this, click on that) to get it done.  Other than that
-- whenever I follow the instructions in the book  --all I get is
messages telling me I did something wrong. It wasn't <me> that did
something wrong here, people!  I've been following instructions line
by line, word by word, and letter by letter. What gives here?

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