[Newbies] Editing MIDI files

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed Oct 29 18:53:06 UTC 2008

Hello Charles,

CB> I have just installed Squeak on my FreeBSD box, a bit more capable than
CB> the limited OLPC in which I discovered it as a part of Etoys. Problem
CB> is that Squeak gives no clue how to address a Midi file so that it can
CB> be edited.  I am not a developer, just a hopeful user.  Ideas?

back in 3.6 times when the people doing the release work in Squeak
were thinking more about users than about developers (no offense or
criticism to the people currently doing the work!) Squeak had a
project "The worlds of Squeak" inside it a Project "Music" to show off
Swueak's musical tools. Inside that you would find a project "More
about sound".

In there is a text "More sound, Music and Speech". At the bottom you
will find a paragraph "Writing your own midi scores".

So I suggest you get yourself a Squeak3.6 full from
read the texts and play and then try what still works in current

You will find the tools in the World menu, "Objects" "Multimedia", but
I think you should read the texts in the old image. Maybe older images
contain even more.

BTW you can use the 3.x images with your recent VM. For older images
you need the VM packaged with the image.



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