[Newbies] Editing MIDI files

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Oct 29 21:51:23 UTC 2008

At Wed, 29 Oct 2008 12:48:46 -0500 (EST),
Charles Bacon wrote:
> I have just installed Squeak on my FreeBSD box, a bit more capable than
> the limited OLPC in which I discovered it as a part of Etoys.  Problem
> is that Squeak gives no clue how to address a Midi file so that it can
> be edited.  I am not a developer, just a hopeful user.  Ideas?
>  	Chuck Bacon -- crtb at cape.com

  Ah, there may be some misunderstandings:

  - In regards to sound editing capability, nothing has really changed
    in the Etoys image.  Open a .mid file from the FileList or click
    on the load button in the menu bar to navigate to the file and
    press "open".  There, you can open the piano roll.  You can drag
    the "notes", and add new notes if you "add keyboard" from the
    context menu of piano roll.

  - To get more developers' like features, you can set the
    eToyFriendly preferences off.  From the World's halo menu, choose
    preferences.  Then, type something like "etoy" into the panel and
    turn off the eToyFriendly off.

-- Yoshiki

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