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Cameron Sanders csanders.personal at functional-analyst.com
Sat Jan 10 18:00:55 UTC 2009


Your tutorial is great (as far as I've gone: late section 2). I almost
skipped straight to downloading the code and reviewing it. and then I
thought, no, I should walk through it and see how Squeakers work. Anybody
with some knowledge of using modern windowing systems and basic smalltalk
should be able to use it, even with different menus.


I want to emphasize that these lock-ups I keep encountering with Squeak on
Vista have occurred with pretty much any Squeak 3.10 image I have started
with, and under a host of situations, but usually just perusing code in a
browser.  - a core activity for a smalltalk coder.


Images tried - with the exception of Croquet, the rest were 3.10 VMs.


Squeak3.10.2-7179 - the basic release


Croquet SDK 1.0.18 (using its vm of course)

Cassou's images (sp?)



The fact that the console can be turned on and off (while the rest of squeak
appears 'locked up') and that it displays data for us is suggests two
things: 1) it is not stuck in an infinite loop in the GC, and 2) basic
threading/time-slicing is working. So, is the user (world-menu) thread being
lost? Can I protect it. or add another thread that makes certain the core
user thread is always up? . Who can point me in the right direction? Perhaps
I can add controls to the same place the VM controls (available on the
outer-most window-frame menu) are controlled from. (Tell me where to look
for that please.) There are likely several band-aid approaches that will
help make it usable, even if I can't fix the core problem.


Ryan Zerby writes:

> I'm doing your tutorial now, with Squeak3.10.2-7179-basic. The only

issues I've had with it when I do something wrong, like an infinite

loop in the mouse handling routines... .BAM. 7 zillion debuggers.


On which platform? I too have encountered the 7-zillion debuggers problem.
just browsing. Or clicking terminate on the debugger.


I would like help to make Squeak usable. Yesterday I had an image lock up
after less than one minute of uptime, and all I did was launch Monticello to
go get my code. Something is broken -- perhaps not on all platforms, but at
least on my two Vista machines. [And these two machines have been stable for
all other apps: eclipse-java, python report generators that grind for about
12 hours per week, and various browsers and editors.


If I want to alter the root menus on Squeak, where do I get started?


On which forum should I take up this matter? Release?


Thanks folks,





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