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Filip Malczak filet00 at gmail.com
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Thanks for answering, but thats what I alrready knew from Squeak By Example.
What I mean is:
I want to create object (lets call it Container) that contains e.g. 3
buttons (remembering that any morph could as one), each with different
action. I dont want to create 3 subclasses of Button or SimpleButton and
define #mouseDown: for them, but define some method for Container that adds
submorphs Button with exact actions for clicking. Can I do this with
#actionSelector: and #target: ? How does it exactly work? And (it should be
first question) - is thing (with Container and 3 buttons) possible?

2009/1/15 K. K. Subramaniam <subbukk at gmail.com>

> On Thursday 15 Jan 2009 12:03:03 am Filip Malczak wrote:
> > Propably I got it all wrong, so if anyone can explain me how to create
> > button and give a special action for clicking (any button, not only red)
> > from code level, I'd be VERY pleased.
> Any morph can act as a button. Just add a method "handlesMouseUp:" to
> return
> true based on the event passed as argument and handle the event in mouseUp:
> method. See the section "Adding Interaction" in
> http://stephane.ducasse.free.fr/FreeBooks/CollectiveNBlueBook/morphic.final.pdf
> HTH .. Subbu
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