[Newbies] Re: [DOCS][Q] How to certify authorship for contributions to the Squeak Swiki? [Was: Re: User account for squeak wiki.squeak.org]

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 13:52:42 UTC 2009

> Since each edit changes the meaning of the sentence significantly, it
> should be credited with the name of the editor and the time and data
> of the edit.  However, each such credit vastly exceeds the space of
> the edit itself.

I think you are solving a hypothetical problem. Something that arcane
would probably need more than the single letter to note the meaning of
the change.

But, if you think this is a barrier keeping the wiki back, what is
your solution?

Is there some other wiki software that solves this issue? Or forum software?

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