[Newbies] Unable to create pong game setup script in Etoys 3.0

Steinar Bang sb at dod.no
Mon Mar 2 22:09:36 UTC 2009


I'm trying to follow the tutorial here:

Creating the move script went fine, but I have problems creating the
setup script.

What I did to create the move script, was click on the eye, and got up a
window, where I set the name of the ball object to ball.  Then I dragged
an empty script on the Etoys window and dropped it.

Then I selected the category "motion" in the lower half of the ball
window, and dragged and dropped "ball forward by" and "ball bounce" on
the new script, which I've named move.

I then dragged the empty script and dropped it on the background to
create a new script.  But here I've been unsuccessful in dragging
"ball's heading" from the "motion" category.

That's is: I've been successful in dragging it, but not dropping it and
having it connect to the script.  I've tried hovering over the script,
I've tried touching it all edges of the script.  I've looked at menu

But no luck yet.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


- Steinar

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