[Newbies] Re: Unable to create pong game setup script in Etoys 3.0

Steinar Bang sb at dod.no
Mon Mar 2 22:29:39 UTC 2009

>>>>> Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>:

> Make sure you grab the "assignment" arrow, not the name of the tile.

> The viewer lets you get two kinds of tiles for properties such as
> heading: one to access the heading, and one to set it. If you hover
> the mouse pointer to the left and right across the tile, different
> parts are highlighted. This indicates which tile you will get.

I positioned the mouse over the arrow and clicked, and got the tile
surrounded by a red rectangle.  I dragged it and dropped it on the setup
script, where it slid into place at the bottom of the script tile.

Worked like a charm!  Thanx! :-)

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