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> Hi everyone
> I am new to Smalltalk. I am beginning a personal project a
> database application, I have looking for a language and environment I
> can be productive in long term and have full power in creating the
> database and access to query database, stored procedures from that
> language. I have been studying python/sqlachmeny, ruby/datamapper etc
> and various other combinations but haven't felt comfortable.
> Smalltalk environment looks promising, I want a tool to acheive my database
> project and have a tool to use for other
> projects rather than having to consistently learn new tools. However I am
> looking
> for some clarity on database support with Squeak and Smalltalk. I am
> assuming that squeak connects via ODBC, after reading the
> article here http://onsmalltalk.com/squeak-smalltalk-and-databases
> Is there a database that Squeak supports well. I am looking to use a
> low cost options since I am an individual. Had thought of using
> Postgresql or Oracle or MySQL.
> Is Squeak/Smalltalk a good choice for database development projects? not
> web development like seaside.


I don't know about SQL-based database support in Squeak. What is available
and well-supported are (among other solutions) Magma and Gemstone. Magma is
a Squeak-specific object storage thingie. GemStone is a heavy-weight
commercial object database with a Squeak UI. Google them. They both store
objects directly so you don't need to use SQL.

What you'll find lacking is the GUI. There is no really good table widget
available and personally I find the state of the other widgets
disappointing. A web-based app is your best bet for a nice looking GUI.


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