[Newbies] Can a block be a string?

Amir Ansari fractallyte at csi.com
Fri Feb 19 11:01:27 UTC 2010

This is a question better suited to the Seaside mailing list...!

On Thu, 18 Feb 2010 17:33:21 -0500
Andy Burnett <andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com> wrote:

> I am playing around with Seaside 3 and noticed that, for example:
> html paragraph: 'text', and
> html paragraph: [html text: 'hello'].
> Are both valid.
> When I looked at the definition for paragraph:  it says that takes a aBlock,
> but then doesn't seem to do a value: aBlock.  So, what I am wondering is
> whether it is valid to give a string as a block, or whether this is just a
> slightly loose definition of block?
> Cheers
> Andy

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