[Newbies] MVC programs don't work in Squeak 4.1

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just felt like adding this to the mix: for some reason, it seems that is not mentioned very often (or i missed it in the quantity of emails...):


not exactly squeak 3.8, or GNU, or Dolphin... but it has kinda kept up with many flavors of ST: and at no charge... free version of environment also available... check it out: mainly because you did not mention it.

just something that "may" be helpful... or not... just a suggestion... 

possibly interesting.... definitely not GNU... or Dolphin.. or VW, or Squeak, or... : but VERY INTERESTING IMO... something to check out possibly... 

it seems that no-one (SQUEAKSIDE) ever gives a definitive reply as far as the whole STX "thing"... heck, this is a SQUEAKLIST after all:  which is fine, but there are many interesting things happening there also - at least last i checked... 

and i do not work for them, or have any connection to them beyond finding interesting ways they include things in their "VERSION" of ST that include ST ideas from "several" ST dialects...

there are other places to learn/experiment/ask questions... :)

yet, this list, and squeak in general is absolutely awesome.... i get most (ST RELATED) suggestions/direct answers from the folks HERE. this place is incredible!!!

yet, i have found the STX environment and "support" to be very cool also...

just a trivial suggestion :)

keep on  Squeakin!!! (the well is rather deep here...)


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Thank you, Dave!

Do you have an opinion about  Squeak 3.8  vs.  GNU  vs.  Dolphin
Community Edition  vs.  ???  for MVC programming?


On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 2:15 PM, David T. Lewis <lewis at mail.msen.com> wrote:
> Recent versions of Squeak are unusable for MVC programs. I suggest that
> you use Squeak 3.8, which is available here:
>  http://ftp.squeak.org/3.8/
> All versions of Squeak since 3.8 have problems with MVC to varying degrees,
> so 3.8 is really the last useable version. Hopefully these issues will
> be addressed, but for now you should just use and older version that works.
> BTW, the older versions of Squeak are well worth browsing regardless. I
> would particularly suggest taking a look at 3.6 just for fun :)
> HTH,
> Dave
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