[Newbies] Using SAX to get the contents of a node

Hernán Morales Durand hernan.morales at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 18:11:29 UTC 2011

Write a method

YourSAXParser>>characters: aString

to access the contents of the current node in aString. YourSAXParser
should be a subclass of SAXHandler.

2011/4/15 Andy Burnett <andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com>:
> I am trying to use the SAXHandler (Pharo 1.2.1) to parse a delicious rss
> feed.  I want to get the contents of a tag, i.e. the text that lies between
> the opening tag and the closing tag.
> Thanks to Laurent's excellent video I understand how to access the
> attributes (using startElement:attributes:), but I can't work out how to get
> the intra-tag text.  I am sure it is a simple call, but could someone point
> me in the right direction?
> Cheers
> Andy
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