[Newbies] Blender 3D

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Wed Dec 14 14:57:48 UTC 2011

Chuck Smith wrote:

> We are starting a different school that runs by having the students
> create what they use and consume.

This reminds me of the choice Victorian co-operators made to select
education as one of the key Rochdale Principles.

> We are using the advancement in energy to take it to the next level which
> will bring us to an opportunity for learning programing.

You are probably already aware that the Smalltalk community has been
heavily involved in programming education, for example:
Squeak Etoys
Scratch and Build Your Own Blocks
Alice (also built in Java)
Bots Inc (http://rmod.lille.inria.fr/botsinc)

Also, you may be interested in following these new UK-based communities:

Hope that helps, David

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