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Redtexture - Mark Jones redtexture at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 18:27:30 UTC 2011

bblochl at arcor.de wrote:

>> you can find it here:
>> http://blog.redtexture.net/2010/06/01/coplien-on-dci-mvc/

> You find the answer on the page the link to you cited above:
> "... It is interesting that (as a consequence of web browsers) the most used language on the planet, JavaScript, satisfies his desire for a non-class-based object-oriented programming language.

I have taken the liberty of improving my humble blog's commentary
about Coplien's interview, by linking to Crockford's exploration of
JavaScript's prototypical inheritance system, so the next person that
comes along that is unaware of the paradigm has a link to learn more.

Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript - Douglas Crockford

Mark Jones

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