[Newbies] Strange bug with Morphic

Martin Nilsson martinnilsson at email.com
Wed Mar 16 14:17:16 UTC 2011


 >You wrote:

 >> But if you close the Transcript window, or if you remove a certain
 >> "Transcript show: '' . " statement in the FiveInARowGame>>performAI method,
 >> then mouse response will become less responsive in the game, and the
 >> 'Crosses'' turn.' tag will not update as it should any longer.

 >I tried your game in Squeak 4.1 (I know I am a little out of date. I
 >don't know which Squeak you used.)

 >I did not notice any change in responsiveness whenever I tried any of
 >your transcript related changes.

 I'm using Squeak 3.9. I will update to 4.2 now to test if this makes any

 >> the tag 'Crosses'' turn.' will change to
 >> 'Nought''s turn.' and back again

 >I never noticed this happen. ( Perhaps me machine is too fast, or eyes
 >too slow :D) but the turn notifier switching works fine when I step
 >through it with the debugger, with the transcript window closed.

 There should be half a second delay between it turning to 'Nought''s turn.'
 and then back again to 'Crosses''turn.' , because I added half a second
 delay to the performAI method which is performed inbetween the changes
 of the turn notifier. That you don't see this indicates to me that you
 have replicated my bug after all. Don't you see the changes to the turn
 notifier when you have a Transcript window open either? Because then it
 works for me. Anyway, I will update to Squeak 4.2 and see what happens.

 >Hope this helps,


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