[Newbies] Strange bug with Morphic

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Wed Mar 16 14:23:51 UTC 2011

If you are using Transcript show: without doing addDeferredUIMessage:, there could be problems in Morphic.

see <http://forum.world.st/addDeferredUIMessage-Documentation-td2216105.html>


At 2:17 PM +0000 3/16/11, Martin Nilsson apparently wrote:
> >Martin,
>>You wrote:
>>> But if you close the Transcript window, or if you remove a certain
>>> "Transcript show: '' . " statement in the FiveInARowGame>>performAI method,
>>> then mouse response will become less responsive in the game, and the
>>> 'Crosses'' turn.' tag will not update as it should any longer.
>>I tried your game in Squeak 4.1 (I know I am a little out of date. I
>>don't know which Squeak you used.)
>>I did not notice any change in responsiveness whenever I tried any of
>>your transcript related changes.
>I'm using Squeak 3.9. I will update to 4.2 now to test if this makes any
>>> the tag 'Crosses'' turn.' will change to
>>> 'Nought''s turn.' and back again
>>I never noticed this happen. ( Perhaps me machine is too fast, or eyes
>>too slow :D) but the turn notifier switching works fine when I step
>>through it with the debugger, with the transcript window closed.
>There should be half a second delay between it turning to 'Nought''s turn.'
>and then back again to 'Crosses''turn.' , because I added half a second
>delay to the performAI method which is performed inbetween the changes
>of the turn notifier. That you don't see this indicates to me that you
>have replicated my bug after all. Don't you see the changes to the turn
>notifier when you have a Transcript window open either? Because then it
>works for me. Anyway, I will update to Squeak 4.2 and see what happens.
>>Hope this helps,
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