[Newbies] SSH question

DeNigris Sean sean at clipperadams.com
Mon Feb 25 21:06:56 UTC 2013

I'm using expect to send commands to my seaside server from within the image:

	arguments := { 
		self expectFile fullName.
		password }.
	process := PipeableOSProcess command: '/usr/bin/expect' withArguments: arguments.

	"Must be non-blocking, or #upToEnd hangs the image"
	process setNonBlockingOutput.

Where PipeableOSProcess class>>#command: aString withArguments: aCollection 

	| env pwd desc instance |
	env := CommandShell new environment. 
	pwd := '/'. 
	desc := (Array with: nil with: nil with: nil). 
	instance := PipeableOSProcess 
		new: aString
		arguments: aCollection 
		environment: env 
		descriptors: desc 
		workingDir: pwd 
		errorPipelineStream: nil.
	^ instance value.

The problem is that I can't easily identify errors because expect delivers commands' stderr onto its stdout. I was wondering if I could do an initial login via expect, setting up to use a security key, and then use regular OSProcess (without expect), but that seems less flexible (would I ALWAYS want to use keys when you SSH? probably not). Any ideas?


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