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Have you seen this example





Could you please explain in more details what you would like to build?


On 2/21/17, Tim Cuthbertson <ratcheer at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am trying to start a Morphic application. I have read a lot of
> but I can't figure out how to program my submorphs.
> I have created my top level as a subclass of PasteUpMorph, opened it, and
> embedded a ScriptableButton and, separately, a RoundRect into which I have
> embedded a TextMorph. (eventually, I plan to have five siblings of each of
> these submorphs, but I'm trying to start the project, simply).
> I think I am supposed to start programming these submorphs from my
> PasteUpMorph, in which they are all directly or indirectly embedded. If I
> inspect the PasteUpMorph subclass, I can see the others as submorphs of
> but if I browse it, I don't see any objects into which to put any code. I
> just see an empty PasteUpMorph.
> How do I access and code the submorphs within subclasses (I think) of my
> top level morph?
> Tim Cuthbertson

No, I had not come across that example of "How to work with multiple text
morphs". I will study it and your other link.

I am starting a project (just as an example to learn Squeak) to come up
with a Yahtzee game clone. My text morphs will simply display a number that
represents a randomly rolled die. The button morphs will allow the user to
select whether a particular die is to be held from being rerolled. There
will be an additional button to allow the user to re-roll unheld dice.

I have this model working in a text-based model, but I decided to try to
re-implement it in a morphic GUI framework.

Thank you for the tips.

Tim Cuthbertson
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