[Newbies] Decomposing Binary Data by CR/LF

stephan stephan at stack.nl
Sun Sep 10 13:39:34 UTC 2017

On 04-09-17 19:32, John-Reed Maffeo wrote:
> Thank you, I have seen this reference, but the framework seems to be 
> written in VisualWorks. While it looks like what I need, I am not ready 
> to put the effort into the process of getting up to speed in the 
> VisualWorks ecosystem. There does appear to be a way to download it, 
> but, since I am focused on my (hobby) project and the learning 
> opportunity it provides, I will continue to develop a framework in Squeak.

Christian recently ported it to Gemstone. He has done some work that 
would help with porting, and yes, it would be a large project.
The file parsing part is likely to be rather well portable, though.
A project going in the other direction is Artefact, on Pharo. Adding 
file parsing to that would be welcomed, I'm sure, and it is probably 
easy to port.


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