[Newbies] Entering the caret (^) in Squeak on Linux

Christian Kellermann ckeen at pestilenz.org
Thu Oct 4 08:37:54 UTC 2018

* Marc Hanisch <marc.hanisch at googlemail.com> [181004 10:25]:
> Hello,
> any ideas? I've tested the stable Squeak release on Ubuntu 18.04 and
> Fedora 28 and I can't enter the caret on both systems...

On some system (depending on your layout config) the caret is a
dead  key, that is, it will not get displayed when pressed once,
but hold as a modifier for entering keys like αΊ₯ (which can be
produced with ^ + a). Try typing ^ + space and see whether the caret
appears. If that get's too annoying try configuring a 'nodeadkeys'
variant in your keyboard layout preferences on your linux system.



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