[Box-Admins] box4

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 12:30:10 UTC 2012

This is Ken's assessment of the box situation appended below. I figure 
I'll ask Brad/SFC for one more VPS, one more box, which we'll call box4. 
We'll leave box3 as it is and get the balance of what we need with one 
final request. I'll submit the request to the SFC Wednesday afternoon. 
If these specs for box4 cannot fulfill our needs, now would be the time 
to say what we actually need.


1024 MB RAM
100GB Disk space
10Mbps bandwidth
AMD64 Debian


"While talking to Brad about the disk space issue on box3 I decided to
take the opportunity to quiz him about what else we can reasonably ask
for and about other hosting options.  In short right now Gandi is the
only service that has been willing to donate although he his pursuing
others and that he his happy to take requests and will fulfill them in a
first come first serve fashion.  As such in my opinion I think we should
go ahead and try to get more Gandi services with the goal of having
enough to fulfill our needs even if we pursue other hosting options in
the future.  Being multi-homed is better than not, but the immediate
need is just having enough to fulfill our community's requirements.


2 (two) Gandi VPS servers each with:

1024 MB RAM
100GB Disk space
10Mbps bandwidth
Latest AMD64 Debian Linux version available.

box4-squeak and box5-squeak are acceptable names to me.



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