[Box-Admins] SqueakTrunk is ready

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Oct 20 03:02:52 UTC 2012

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 04:13:09PM -0500, Ken Causey wrote:
> On 10/19/2012 02:45 PM, David T. Lewis wrote:
> >I'll try setting things up within the next few days. I will need sudo
> >for installing packages, can someone please add me to /etc/sudoers?
> >
> >Thanks again,
> >Dave
> Oops, I missed a step.  You now should have sudo rights.  By the way I'm 
> doing this on the new server (box3) by add the relevant users to the 
> sudo group rather than modifying /etc/sudoers.  This is meant to be one 
> of the 3 steps when adding a user, I guess I should really wrap it in in 
> a shell script.
> Also, regarding installing packages.  Always think twice but ultimately 
> if it is needed then it is needed and you should install.  In general I 
> would suggest always doing what needs to be done while giving a bit of 
> thought to how much trouble it will be to fix or undo if anyone has a 
> complaint.
> BUT, please record all changes to the system at some reasonable level of 
> detail in the file /root/admin-log.txt.  You can find existing entries 
> for examples.  This is a continuation of a long time habit within the 
> box-admins team and an often useful one when you forget how you did 
> something the last time (like forgetting to add you to the sudo group). 
>  Or if you need to figure out who to blame and when they did it. :)

Thanks Ken,

I've installed enough packages to support a basic VM build, details in
/root/admin-log.txt. Progress so far: here is the output from a VM
regenerating itself from a Squeak image on box3:

lewis at box3-squeak:~/VMUnixBuild$ squeak -nodisplay Squeak4.3.image VMUnixBuild.st
CHECKING squeakvm
2012-10-20T04:49:48.494+02:00: starting VM builder image
2012-10-20T04:49:48.494000001+02:00: begin install OSProcess
2012-10-20T04:49:58.923+02:00: install OSProcess complete
2012-10-20T04:49:58.923000001+02:00: begin install CommandShell
2012-10-20T04:50:08.735+02:00: install CommandShell complete
2012-10-20T04:50:08.941+02:00: Subversion is installed on this system
2012-10-20T04:50:08.941000001+02:00: save ./src directory if it exists
2012-10-20T04:50:09.431+02:00: update ./platforms from repository
2012-10-20T04:50:10.072+02:00: platforms source update complete
2012-10-20T04:50:10.072000001+02:00: begin install VMMaker (trunk)
2012-10-20T04:52:45.562+02:00: install VMMaker complete
2012-10-20T04:52:46.121+02:00: generate all sources
2012-10-20T04:53:36.601+02:00: source generation complete
2012-10-20T04:53:36.601000001+02:00: create build directory ./build
2012-10-20T04:53:37.262+02:00: cd to build, then run ../platforms/unix/cmake/configure --src=../src
2012-10-20T04:53:46.91+02:00: configure completed successfully
2012-10-20T04:53:46.910000001+02:00: begin make
2012-10-20T04:55:05.302+02:00: make completed with successful VM build
2012-10-20T04:55:05.302000001+02:00: to install, cd to ./build and do "make install"
2012-10-20T04:55:05.401+02:00: create build directory ./build64
2012-10-20T04:55:05.981+02:00: cd to build64, then run ../platforms/unix/cmake/configure --src=../src --image64
2012-10-20T04:55:14.521+02:00: configure completed successfully
2012-10-20T04:55:14.521000001+02:00: begin make
2012-10-20T04:56:38.422+02:00: make completed with successful VM build
2012-10-20T04:56:38.422000001+02:00: to install, cd to ./build and do "make install"
2012-10-20T04:56:38.519+02:00: platform sources are in ./platforms
2012-10-20T04:56:38.519000001+02:00: generated sources are in ./src
2012-10-20T04:56:38.519000002+02:00: VM build is in ./build
2012-10-20T04:56:38.519000003+02:00: to install the VM, cd to ./build and type make install
2012-10-20T04:56:38.519000004+02:00: VM for 64-bit images is is in ./build
2012-10-20T04:56:38.519000005+02:00: to install the VM for 64-bit images, cd to ./build64 and type make install
2012-10-20T04:56:38.52+02:00: both versions of the VM can be installed on the same machine
2012-10-20T04:56:38.520000001+02:00: the squeak script (normally /usr/local/bin/squeak) determines the VM to use
2012-10-20T04:56:39.691000001+02:00: VM builder image complete after 0:00:06:51.198
2012-10-20T04:56:39.691000002+02:00: source generation and VM build complete
2012-10-20T04:56:39.691000003+02:00: exiting image
lewis at box3-squeak:~/VMUnixBuild$ 

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