New 3.9alpha image is ready! (sort of)

Doug Way dway at
Tue Jul 5 04:08:51 UTC 2005

On Jul 4, 2005, at 3:47 PM, bert at wrote:

>> On Jul 4, 2005, at 1:09 AM, Doug Way wrote:
>>> ...
>>> However, there's a problem with the MCConfiguration install.  It
>>> generally works and gets most of the way through it, but it hits an
>>> error trying to install the SMBase-dew.64 package.  ...
> Unfortunately, I can't look into this right now.
> But there might be a bug in SqueakSource - the MCConf upgrade process
> tries to download the .mcd first (because that's much more efficient),
> and if that  fails, it downloads the .mcz. So the server should return 
> an
> error if it cannot build the diff. However, it might be that I never
> tried that because we usually have all package versions in the
> repository.
> ...

Thanks Bert, that was enough for me to go on, at least.  I came up with 
a fix in MCConfiguration>>versionNamed:for:from: so that it checks if 
the base version is in the repository first.  It may be better to fix 
in SqueakSource, but this seems like a reasonable fix for now.

And of course, I used the new process to commit the fix in 39a. :-)  
So, there is a new MonticelloConfigurations-dew.32 in the 39a 
repository at with the fix.  I also changed 
the MCConfig update #6676 to include this new version.  (Since it was 
broken before, I just overwrote it in place.)  You can grab the change 
for the "master" MCConfigurations repository (at Impara?) if it looks 
good to you.

So anyway, the new 3.9alpha update stream is working!  It installs 
SMBase and everything else just fine.

One catch, though... the resulting image is dramatically larger than 
the original.  3.8-6665 was 11.9MB, the new 3.9a-6676 is 27.7MB... oof. 
  Not sure if this is a known problem or if it's something that can be 
easily cleaned up, I've haven't looked into it yet.  The .changes file 
is the same size.

In any case, I put this new 3.9a-6676 image + changes in a zip file at for 
now.  Check it out.  We may want to hold off on making this more 
publicly available until we look into why the image is so large.

- Doug

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