Packaging the programming tools

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Mon Jul 18 02:17:20 UTC 2005

Folks -

I've been working on detangling the current tool set from the rest of 
the system since I wanted to be able to replace the current tool set 
with something more appropriate for Tweak. It turns out that with a 
little restructuring of responsibilities this isn't all that hard and so 
I'm happy to announce the probably only Squeak image in the world which 
has no programming tools whatsoever (!): [6.3MB]

If you grab this image you will find that you won't be able to open a 
browser, a change sorter, workspace etc. not even a debugger[*1] simply 
because none of these tools are present.

[*1] Try browsing the sender of some message or a class - you will very 
quickly notice why I don't like the usage of "AppRegistry default" since 
it raises completely needless errors when for example trying to browse a 
class -- compare this with the notifier you get when trying to browse a 
selector which uses ToolSet's interpretation of "proper" AppRegistry 

However, since this is not very interesting, you can just load the 
standard tools package from [450k]

install and use it. And when you're tired of it, simply unload it from 
Monticello[*]. Needless to say, the tools package does not leave any 
obsolete classes or undeclared references behind, it comes and goes cleanly.

[*] After unloading execute the code in the left hand panel - it turns 
out that #unload is not executed when unloading packages from Monticello 
(we *really* need to fix this!) probably because the #unload method is 
removed before the class.

But wait, there is more! Since the current tools package is somewhat 
messy and depends directly on Morphic and MVC I decided to build an 
alternative which exclusively depends on ToolBuilder. It's called the 
"PlusTools" (all the names have a "Plus" in the name, e.g., 
FileListPlus, TestRunnerPlus, ClassBrowserPlus, DebuggerPlus...) and 
loadable from: [300k]

And of course, you can load and unload both tool sets at the same time 
if you'd like to. Note that the point of this exercise is not only to be 
able to replace the tools for Tweak - it is equally to show that a 
Squeak system can easily come without *any* specific tool support, 
squeakmap, even monticello (I only left MC in the image because you'd 
have to load it anyway to get to the tool sets) just as long as you have 
a way of loading code (e.g., compiler and change management). Therefore 
there is really no need whatsoever to put all of the programming tools 
into a "basic" Squeak image.

And finally, the PlusTools should be helpful for further detangling work 
as they depend on ToolBuilder and not on Morphic or MVC (there might 
still be a few remnants but that's easily fixable).

For those of you interested, here are the major changes that I did to 
make the above possible:
* Refactoring of ChangeSet and ChangeSorter - all of the actual change 
set related stuff had to be moved out of ChangeSorter and ChangeSet 
itself had to be moved over to the System package and out of Tools.
* Moving of the breakpoint, tallying, file contents browser (diff etc) 
out of the Tools (right now all of these are in System)
* Introduced FileServiceRegistry to avoid abuse of FileList
* Introduced ToolSet AppRegistry to support various tool sets

I also had to do some significant shuffling around between packages to 
get everything in order and (un-)loadable but most of these changes were 
non-invasive. If you are interested the full repository is also 
available at: [32MB]

and contains a few more (already unloaded) packages and fixes going back 
to the original 3.8 versions from

   - Andreas

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