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Alexandre Bergel bergel at
Mon Jun 27 16:18:25 UTC 2005

> Except that the major portion of work was the recategorization. (for  
> anyone who missed the original thread, have a look at the wiki page  
> on

right. I guess you are referring to the Reorganize.3.8-6662.cs.
There are just some categorizations. Bert, I did not deeply checked but I feel that actually it does not assign new category to classes/methods. For instance, the first line of the changeset is

SystemOrganization changeFromString:
 '(''Kernel-Chronology'' ChronologyConstants Date DateAndTime Duration Month Schedule Stopwatch Time TimeStamp Timespan TimeZone Week Year)

These classes are already included into the class category 'Kernel-Chronology'! Andreas worked on the system change notification, but I do not know what he did (I do not have time to dive into the iSqueak image). I suspect that it uses events triggered by the recategoryzation to create packages.


Alexandre Bergel  

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