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Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Tue Jun 28 04:13:09 UTC 2005

Hi -

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> It is difficult to see exactly what changed in the recategorization,
> because the changeset includes the whole system as you say.

Here are all the changes:

a) Change the categories from "Foo-Bar-Tests" to "FooTests-Bar", e.g,
	"Kernel-Chronology-Tests" => "KernelTests-Chronology"
	"Collections-Streams-Tests" => "CollectionTests-Streams"
The reason being that I want to be able to bootstrap a system without 
circular dependencies and moving the tests into their own categories 
makes it easy to load everything in the right order.

b) Merging of some remnant packages which need to be folded into Morphic 
and which never have been real standalone packages ("CustomEvents", 
"FlexibleVocabularies", ...)

c) Some arbitrary new top-level packages to get the size of the "System" 
package down to a reasonable level, including "Files", "Compiler", and 

d) Some reclassification to avoid remnants such as HTTPClient (a lone 
class) from "Framework-Download", FancyMailComposition from 
"EToy-Download" and then some.

The method reclassifications were all due b) e.g., removal of remnant 

> Just curious, were any methods actually recategorized into mc-based
> extension method categories?

No. The idea was to get an *initial* structure going not to deal with 
fine-tuning package boundaries.

   - Andreas

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