partitioning a moving target

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Tue Mar 8 11:56:53 UTC 2005


Avi Bryant <avi.bryant at> wrote:
> Should we be doing our partioning work based on Squeak 3.8 or 3.9a? 

Hmmm. I had envisioned doing it in 3.9a, since IMHO the work from this
Team is the most important work right now.

> Either way we have to deal with moving target issues; the question is
> whether we want to have a stable base while we do the bulk of the
> work, and then have to update to match 3.9, or whether we want to have
> the ground constantly pulled out from beneath us by the new updates in
> the 3.9a stream.

As soon as the actual PIs enter the stream there would IMHO not be any
more updates in the stream that modifies those packages except from the
Stewards themselves. So gradually when people step forward for the PIs
we can enter them using updates and thus gradually "taking over" parts
of the image and making those parts be tabu for the update stream -
unless the Stewards themselves elect to use the stream for maintaining
their part - which I guess is an option.
> Or is there some third option?

Well, I am a bit hesitant of both basing on 3.8 or using a separate
stream. I think we may end up in trouble. IMHO we should make sure the
community knows that this work is prio 1 and that other major things
(small things are probably just fine - and most updates tend to be
fixes) will just have to wait a while.

> Avi

regards, Göran

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