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Thu Mar 10 15:27:01 UTC 2005

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:08:30 +0100, goran.krampe at
<goran.krampe at> wrote:

> So my proposal is something like this (and of course, it all depends on
> Lex):
>         - Make SM aware of other things like images, universes, repositories
> etc.
>         - Still keep SM as the main catalog of packages and releases of them.
>         - Make the Universes code use SM for the packages/releases. Looking at
> UPackage for example it is very much overlapping SMPackage. There may of
> course be issues with this approach but I would like to discuss it at
> least.

So, this would mean that a Universe would be an overlay on top of SM that:

- For each package in SM, specified exactly 0 or 1 versions
- For each package, specified its dependencies on other packages (no
versions needed here, since there's only one version visible anyway)
- Starts out open to modification (by who?), but can be locked, after
which it doesn't ever change
- Doesn't have to reside on the central SqueakMap server

Lex, does that capture the main points?  Oh, and I think also:

- Provides a reliable cache of the actual package.  Which is, I think,
something SM was planning to add anyway, right?

Note that I'm ignoring the issue of private packages (vs. private
configurations of packages) here...


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