Upgrade scripts?

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Wed Oct 26 13:12:26 UTC 2005

I wanted to push MC277 into the squeakfoundation 3.9a repository but  
I saw that it was based on Integrated PlusTools.zip (Mantis #1915).
So is it safe for me to conclude that I should integrate all the  
PlusTools changes before the fix of bert in MC?


>>>     http://source.impara.de/Stuff/Graphics-bf.24.mcz
>>> you'll get an Abort notice when loading Graphics-bf.24 in an  
>>> unsafe  image:
>>>     (BitBlt canUnderstand: #displayString:from:to:at:kern:font:)
>>>         ifFalse: [Abort new signal: 'need to load Graphics-ar.21   
>>> first!']
>> This looks good. Can I rely on this behavior in the future? I  
>> don't know if what you say about packageinfo having scripts  
>> relates to or invalidates the above. I'd be perfectly happy with  
>> the above solution.
> Well, the script is executed if you have that fixed Monticello  
> version, or PackageInfo with script support. Republishing the  
> package will retain the script only if you have the right PackageInfo.
> Unless we decide to remove script support from MC this should  
> continue to work.
> - Bert -

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