[Seaside] Setting instance variables

Tim Rowledge tim@sumeru.stanford.edu
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 12:29:53 -0700

Faintly apropos Jim's question, here is how I have found myself a
comfortable view of using bindings for now. I _don't_ use them to touch
instvars directly. It's just too ugly for my sensitive nature. Instead
I make use of the way path bindings will send a message and thereby make
it all clean. <obSouthPark>No need to kill Butter anymore</ob>

So instead of
	set: #mytreasuredInstvar toPath: 'hisprivateinfo'

	set: #messageToGetMyIV toPath: #messageToSetHis

I was a little dismayed to see the horrible code
	(er just guessing, can't look attheimage right now)
	(target respondsTo: symbol) ifTrue:[target perfom: symbol]
instead of a more moral upstanding
	[target perform: symbol] on: MessageNotUnderStood do:[the other stuff
about raping theinstvars]

.... until I timed it. Booger, that exception handler setup code needs
massive improvements! I was so pleased with the huge performance
improvement from doing the exception handler prims that I didn't bother
to work on the handler setup crap. 

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