[Seaside] Failing TestCases?

Cees de Groot cg@cdegroot.com
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 18:12:28 +0100

fefr@gmx.net said:
> I only test the business-logic (using plain unit-tests). In one
> project  I tried HttpUnit (http://httpunit.sourceforge.net/) to
> actually test the  generated HTML, but it was too much work to get the
> test cases right.  Some sort of higher level testing tool would be
> nice.

Same here, with the difference that we never tried HttpUnit because I 
concluded from a first glance that it wouldn't work ;-). And indeed, all our 
regression bugs are in our .SSP files...

What I've been thinking of is to mark things with special attribute tags 
("testid=foo") and do some sort of XPath queries with these to find that 
certain table and check whether it has indeed 5 fields.

However, we use code generation more and more, and that's much more testable; 
the .SSP files that are left are stuff that hasn't been refactored and 
compositions of blobs of generated code, and the latter usually don't give us 
much of a headache.
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