[Seaside] URL link and caching

Kamil Kukura kamk@volny.cz
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 03:05:38 +0100

Well, I just mean those proxy caches that usualy sits somewhere between 
internal network and outside connection. One such a common proxy is 
SQUID which caches responses for use by other users. It doesn't cache 
URL with '?' inside as well as POST requests but what if 'Save Browsing' 
is turned on? If I am right, the latter request/response of an action is 
normal GET without '?' which proxy-cache likes to cache for others. I 
can't check it as I only have dialup conn. but I think it shouldn't hurt 
the system to add response header

    Cache-Control: private

which in HTTP 1.1 means that response should not be stored in 
proxy-chache [shared-cache] memory.

Btw, this "save browsing" feature is deathblow to my Internet Explorer 
6. Sometimes it complains page couldn't be loaded, sometimes it goes to 
neverending wait for response or spits out the message that page has 
expired. Netscape 6 is doing just fine.