[Seaside] Woohoo, made a list of links! Now for the next bit...

Avi Bryant avi@beta4.com
Mon, 13 May 2002 12:17:24 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 13 May 2002, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> OK, clear enough. Doctime again...

It's always doc(k)-time at the seaside, it seems...

> >
> > Order is undefined.  For more detail, look at these
> > methods in IAComponent: #bind:to:, #pullBindings, #pushBindings.
> That could potentially be a problem if somebody wrote code that depended
> on something that depended on... etc. OBviously I can't think of an
> example right now - one never can - but I'm almost sure it could be
> done.

Yes, the one time I cared about order I overrode #pullBindings and did the
bindings stuff manually.  Having a deterministic order might have made
that unnecessary, although I probably still would have done it for

> Thanks for the help - I'm making much better progress now :-)

Hey, thanks for the questions - it's very valuable to see what people have
trouble with and what comes easily, what people like and dislike, etc.
It's also always nice to have someone struggle through until they get it
instead of chucking the whole thing and going to Java Servlets (ok, no
danger of that here).  So please keep heckling me as you go.