[Seaside] SIForgeWizard

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Thu Feb 6 13:28:37 CET 2003

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Giovanni Giorgi wrote:

> Acc! I have tested it on Windows! What O.S. are you using?


> Seaside is to easy to use, so I thinked to do also a small install app...

Yeah, I always find it easier to build a Seaside UI to something than a
Morphic UI.

> >Did you mean for "Next" to bring you back to the end, if you backtrack and
> >change something?  That ois, g through the entire wizard, hit the back
> >
> Hem no...it is a bug...I have noticed I cannot "fork" the path as
> seaside would permit...must I install the state on the session to be
> able to fork me? Can you provide a small example?

The immediate problem is that your "step" instance variable (sorry, not
sure what it's called, don't have the code in front of me) doesn't
backtrack its state.  You should put it in a StateHolder.

However, the problem would also be solved if you used control flow to
manage your position in the wizard.  The way I personally would implement
it is:

- get rid of the "Previous" button, that's what the back button is for
- create a Component for each step, that is initialized with whatever info
it needs, and #answers the data provided.
- Have an initial page with one #run method that looks like

info1 := self call: (Step1 new).
info2 := self call: (Step2 new).
info3 := self call: (Step3 new).


> The way I implement the wizard is resonable? Or it is possible to avoid
> the perform: call on the renderer?

I'll have to look at that when I have access to the code.

> The mod lisp support of seaside2 is working? I get freezed when I try to
> use it!

No, it's not yet.  I brought the code over from Seaside1 but haven't
actually made it work.  That's why it's in the "Alpha" category :).


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