[Seaside] [repeated] Hopelessly stupid newbie question

Randy Siler rsiler at u.washington.edu
Tue Feb 25 17:49:51 CET 2003

My mail system melted down and I lost any response that may have been 
made to my question yesterday.
If you were by chance good enough to write me an answer, and if it is 
still in your sent mail folder, would you please resend it, I'd really 
love to read it. I feel just sick that I might have missed out.

Thanks very much,

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> From: Randy Siler <rsiler at u.washington.edu>
> Date: Mon Feb 24, 2003  3:34:27 PM US/Pacific
> To: "The Squeak Enterprise Aubergines Server - general discussion." 
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> Subject: Hopelessly stupid newbie question
> I need to write a simple web application that at the very least 
> collects data from a web form.
> Of course I'd love to use Squeak and I see many technologies in Squeak 
> that appear more than adequate for my needs.
> I've worked through tutorial and chapters in books and tried adapting 
> what I find to what I need,
> but when I try to do what I want to do, I find I get lost before I get 
> it done, probably because I want to do something simpler or different 
> from the tutorials.
> I had thought that Seaside was the way to go and worked through it 
> before starting out to build my simple little form processor. I build 
> my form in a WYSIWYG editor and got to the point of specifying the 
> form action. When I tried to divine from seaside examples I started to 
> get the sense that maybe I had misconceptualized  seaside as being 
> suited to functioning as a simple form cgi that would allow me to 
> easily get the form data from a web form. Specifically, the form 
> actions specified in the seaside examples always contain those numbers 
> (I forget what you call them) that I couldn't imagine supplying (which 
> makes me think that in seaside you don't do it like I was 
> thinking--make a form in an editor). (Do you always dynamically 
> generate the forms from seaside?)
> Am I right about this? Should I be using something else if I just want 
> a simple form cgi in Squeak?
> Or can I use seaside in a much simpler albeit less powerful way until 
> I get my feet wet?
> Very much appreciate any insight
> Randy

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