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Fri Nov 7 01:05:21 CET 2003

Avi Bryant (avi at wrote:

> On Nov 5, 2003, at 8:37 PM, Pennell, David wrote:
> >Has anybody done anything for unit testing Seaside?  It sure would be 
> >nice
> >to have a test suite to run after one of these porting exercises.
> It sure would.  I'm happy to support any effort someone wants to make 
> to provide a test suite (oh, and documentation - I will support *and* 
> send pizza to anyone that starts a serious documentation effort).  I 
> suspect it's one of those things that will fall to me to do, however, 
> in which case - I'm happy to accept donations to the Seaside 
> Documentation and Testing Foundation so that I can carve out some time 
> to work on that.  So far, neither of those things have been a priority 
> for any of our clients, unfortunately.

As part of the Borges port, I'm trying to at least add rudimentary
library documentation.  So far I've completely documented WABatchedList,
with an example of use stolen from WAStoreListView.

I imagine that any documentation I write could be fairly easily folded
back into Smalltalk code.  Method and class names would need to be
rewritten though.

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