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Travis Griggs (tgriggs at key.net) wrote:

> Without starting a flamefest here or anything... why do you say this? I 
> am asking from ignorance. I don't do much databases myself, but we used 
> to have a guy here, who had an obvious preference for PostgreSQL. But 
> when I was talking to another Linux neophyte the other day, he didn't 
> know either, but he got the impression that he read and saw more of 
> MySQL. Which left us both asking each other, "so if we had to set 
> something up ourselves, which would we choose" for which both of us had 
> to admit ignorance.

MySQL still lacks triggers, views, referential integrity and stored

From the PostgreSQL FAQ question 1.14, "How does PostgreSQL compare to
other DBMSs?" at http://www.postgresql.org/docs/faqs/FAQ.html:


PostgreSQL has most features present in large commercial DBMSs, like
transactions, subselects, triggers, views, foreign key referential
integrity, and sophisticated locking. We have some features they do not
have, like user-defined types, inheritance, rules, and multi-version
concurrency control to reduce lock contention.


PostgreSQL has performance similar to other commercial and open source
databases. it is faster for some things, slower for others. In
comparison to MySQL or leaner database systems, we are faster for
multiple users, complex queries, and a read/write query load. MySQL is
faster for simple SELECT queries done by a few users. Of course, MySQL
does not have most of the features mentioned in the Features section
above. We are built for reliability and features, and we continue to
improve performance in every release. There is an interesting Web page
comparing PostgreSQL to MySQL at
http://openacs.org/philosophy/why-not-mysql.html Also, MySQL is is a
company that distributes its products via open source, and requires a
commercial license for close-source software, not an open source
development community like PostgreSQL.

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