[Seaside] does ROE work with MySQL

Luke Holden lholden at cablelan.net
Tue Apr 6 00:14:11 CEST 2004

> PostgreSQL works fine on Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows platforms.
> There's simply no good reason anymore to use MySQL. PostgreSQL rocks!

I was going to say,... utilities like phpmyadmin are why I still use mysql. (Last time I messed with phppgadmin... it was not very good)... But I just installed PostgreSQL and phppgadmin... and I have to say. I am quite impressed. 

Tested it out by manually copying the mysql database schema for my project to postgresql ... and I have to say... I think I quite like the postgresql version much better. Things like the named schema sets, views and etc... make things quite a bit easier to work with.

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