[Seaside] Seaside load support

Sebastián Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com.ar
Thu May 27 05:14:27 CEST 2004

Hi all,
    I'm using seaside for a small & simple intranet application with
goods as repository.
    Rigth now I'm evaluating to make a project of a web based
application that could have a much more heavy load (not known yet).
    As I experienced several hangs on the squeak running the previous
seaside version, I'm wondering if that could limit this project (I'm
porting it to the new version on a new squeak image).
    How do you see the stability of a systema running a squeak on a
linux with seaside and a goods server?
    How many can be loaded that site? concurrent users?
    How big, performant, professional is the best seaside application
you know? Can you send some links to take a look to?
    Would you recomend or unrecomend to mount a bussiness site
(specialized portal) based on squeak with seaside?
Sebastián Sastre
ssastre at seaswork.com.ar
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