[Seaside] Re: [ShoreComponents] WebTree, SVG demo and dynamic files

Jan B. Krejčí janbkrejci at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 12:43:45 CEST 2005

Hello world,

First of all, I want to say "thank you, good work, keep going" as loud
as possible to all the nice people contributing to ShoreComponents so
far. I am very amazed how actively some of you caught the idea and
invested your time. Unfortunately, since I'm going to change my job in
1st of September and I've got huuuuge amount of things that need to be
done before I leave my actual job, I can not spend much time working
on ShoreComponents myself. I really wish I could do a bit more and I
hope it'll change.

Curently, I have three additions prepared for ShoreComponents:

1) a file dialog which lets user choose a server-side file

2) an automatic reflective form generation mechanism allowing to
either set-up editing of some class' instance variables very quickly
with almost no code (just make a subclass of AutoModel class with some
instance variables, no methods needed) or, overriding some methods of
AutoModel you can change layout of form (rows, columns, labels),
fields appearance (text, date, listbox, checkbox), make the form
read-only and so on. You can also enable/disable deleting of data from
form, creating new one from within list of existing etc.

3) a decorator allowing to preserve page scrolling coordinates between
submits, so if you have scrolled 5 feet down to find the button you
want to click, you will see the same page location after the response
is loaded from server. I saw this in .NET and I like it very much.

First two addons are nearly ready to be published but I can not work
on them now. The third one is just an idea and I haven't started to
work on it yet.

I just wanted to tell you about these addons so that anybody planning
to create something similar could either overtake it (and die from
laughing when he looks at my ugly code) or just work on something

best regards

Jan B. Krejci

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