[Seaside] Accessing configuration values from the configuration

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Fri Jul 22 19:18:31 CEST 2005

> I am new to Smalltalk. My backgound has mostly been in 
> C,PHP,Perl,Java, and other {}(); languages. I have never 
> particularly cared for the OOP implementations in most 
> languages. I started development of my own prototype based 
> OOP language and created a functioning runtime but I lost 
> interest after discovering that smalltalk is %90 ideal. 
> So please forgive me if I go to a lot of effort in my code 
> that is incredibly simple to do in the "Smalltalk way". It's 
> just the way I am accustomed to doing it. :-)

If you snoop around the image for a bit, you'll find it's pretty common
to extend framework classes by adding new methods, it's quite cool
actually, since you can still keep your extensions in your own package
when using Monticello for source control.  Monticello by the way, is bad
ass, thanks go out to Avi for that too.

It's often much cleaner to fix a class with a new method, than to use
inheritance and then try and make sure everything uses your class.  Go
take a look at the object class, all those method categories starting
with * are extensions people have added.  Once you start doing it,
you'll dig it.  Once you really grok Smalltalk, you'll find those other
OOP implementations you didn't care for, weren't really as OOP as you
may have thought.  Once you forget about files, you'll start seeing just
how OO Smalltalk really is, it's a bit jarring.

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