[Seaside] New Project Recommendations?

Ken G. Brown(w) kbrown at tnc.ab.ca
Thu Jun 9 18:24:23 CEST 2005

I want to use Seaside to serve out some database type info on Mac OSX but am
new to Seaside, www serving, Apache, Comanche etc., etc.. So far I have a
domain name and that's about it. The data will be for internal low volume
use to start with but hopefully will progress to something useful for
general Internet access.

I know there are several databases being used with Seaside but how would I
decide which is the best one for what I have in mind? Should I use Comanche
or Apache?

What is the best way to get jump started into all of this wonderful stuff?
I'm aware of the pre-built image and the stuff on http://www.seaside.st/ and
have rooted around a bit. Have not actually tried anything yet.

Any helpful pointers and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


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