[Seaside] Garbage Collection - summary

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Thu Jun 9 22:38:29 CEST 2005


thanks for your summary. see below for more

Bany, Michel schrieb:

>>I hope that by tomorrow, Michel Bany from VW, will have time 
>>to have a look at this.
>Hi Günther,
>There has been lots of contributions on this topic and I am trying
>to build a summary below.
>(1) As noted by Rado and others there is a bug in the Squeak compatibility
>method allSubInstances method. It should be changed to :
>	Object class >> allSubInstances
>		^self allGeneralInstances
I tried this fix and my image immediately shrunk to around 22 MB. It had 
been far beyond 50 MB at times.

>I will integrate this change in the port.
Thanks a lot for that.

>(2) It looks to me as if the above bug only affects the situations where
>it is desired to release intentionnally and instantly as many objects as
>possible, where you want to do "WARegistry clearAllHandlers", i.e. the panic
>situation. This bug does not affect the normal Seaside operations.
I suspect that "normal operation" does not include debugging a lot, 
because this is exactly what we do very much: do the first things that 
could possibly work and see what the debugger tells you afterwards. Our 
App is far from being complex, no resources like images or the like, 
because we currently concentrate on teh functionality.

Being a VAST user for many years, I somewhat am used to using images 
with 50 MB and more, so maybe this is the reason I never really wondered 
if that's okay. I only realized that seaside images (VW) grow very fast 
(within a few hours of developing/debugging).



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