[Seaside] New Project Recommendations?

Avi Bryant avi.bryant at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 15:44:16 CEST 2005

On 6/9/05, Ken G. Brown(w) <kbrown at tnc.ab.ca> wrote:
> I want to use Seaside to serve out some database type info on Mac OSX but am
> new to Seaside, www serving, Apache, Comanche etc., etc.. So far I have a
> domain name and that's about it. The data will be for internal low volume
> use to start with but hopefully will progress to something useful for
> general Internet access.
> I know there are several databases being used with Seaside but how would I
> decide which is the best one for what I have in mind? Should I use Comanche
> or Apache?

Using Comanche and Apache aren't exclusive: it's common to have
Seaside on top of Comanche serving dynamic content, but all behind
Apache which serves static content and proxies the dynamic requests
through to Squeak.

For database, it depends a lot on what kind of data you're dealing
with, and how much of it.  You may find that the simplest way to start
is simply to keep the data inside the Smalltalk image, and
periodically write it out to or reload it from a flat file.  If you
want a more "real" database, GOODS is probably the easiest to get
started with, with OmniBase offering better performance (and certainly
better *control* over the performance) but with a much steeper
learning curve.  Or, if you're comfortable with relational databases,
there are several options (like GLORP and ROE) for working with
PostgreSQL - but I wouldn't recommend that unless you're already


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