[Seaside] apache + seaside

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at stanfordalumni.org
Sun Nov 27 00:07:38 CET 2005

Finally, some success to report!

On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 11:42:45PM -0800, Avi Bryant wrote:
> Well, I've never seen ProxyHTMLURLMap before (looks useful, though).   
> So ignoring that... usually it doesn't make sense to put the  
> ProxyPass stuff inside <Location>, since it has an implicit location  
> anyway.  
The reference cited at the start of this thread recommended <Location>
to pickup some cases that would otherwise be missed.

>And your ProxyPassReverse should have the /upj/ parameter  
> too.  So I would simply do:
> <VirtualHost *:81>
>   ServerName www.betterworld.us
>   ProxyPass /upj http://localhost:9090/seaside/test
>   ProxyPassReverse /upj http://localhost:9090/seaside/test
> </VirtualHost>
> ... except that I wouldn't, I would do:
> <VirtualHost *:81>
>   ServerName www.betterworld.us
>   ProxyPass /upj http://localhost:9090/upj
>   ProxyPassReverse /upj http://localhost:9090/upj
> </VirtualHost>
> And make sure that /upj got to the right place on the Seaside side as  
> well.  For that, do:
> WADispatcher default basePath: ''
> (which requires a fairly recent 2.6a version of Seaside), and of  
> course use "upj" instead of "test".

Using 2.6a-avi.64 works better.  I don't know if the change from '/'
to '' in the basepath was significant.

With that change, things work unrooted (i.e., no /seaside) using local

The key problem seems to be that, with the name test for the
application, the generated form action has <form action="/test"
method="post">, even when viewed through the proxy, even with all this
in apache's config:
  ProxyPass /upj http://localhost:9090/test
  ProxyPassReverse /upj http://localhost:9090/test
  ProxyHTMLExtended On
  ProxyHTMLURLMap http://localhost:9090/test /upj
  ProxyHTMLURLMap /test /upj

So the action "/test" is not getting converted to "/upj".  Perhaps a
bug in mod_html?  I have Debian version 2.4.3-2.

I changed the name of my seaside app to upj, and now it all works!

So, while I continue to think it should be possible to get things to
work the other way, I've got something working.

I'm curious, have people found things work OK without the

Also, does css and script information need special handling?
mod_proxy_html doesn't ordinarily look at those things, but it has an
option to do so.

Do I want to set the config variable DeploymentMode to true for
"production" use?  Is it OK to do that on an application basis, rather
than system-wide?

> If you want absolute URLs (in the redirects, for example, which is  
> technically required) you should also set the server name + port  
> configuration options in your seaside app to www.betterworld.us and 81.
> Avi

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