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goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Thu Oct 20 09:08:48 UTC 2005


Avi Bryant <avi.bryant at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Oct 19, 2005, at 8:14 PM, martin schubert wrote:
> > 1. one shoot deployment technique for seaside (on remote linux/unix  
> > machines) : most internet servers are living far away from the  
> > admin and the developers and talk linux/unix all day long. i found  
> > the debian apt-get facillity to install squeak amazing. but i am  
> > missing a command with which i can fire expressions to the running  
> > image and administer the basic things like : port, admin, start/ 
> > stop, deployment of new webApps of seaside via command line or make  
> > the whole squeakWorld displayable via a server process like x11.
> What I do is to load the RemoteFrameBuffer package from SqueakMap,  
> and set an RFB server going, then save the image.  Drop this image on  
> your server and start it up.  You can then connect to this from any  
> VNC client and load in your web apps, configure, etc, from the normal  
> Squeak UI.

It is also trivial to add a little form for "do its". I have one in
And using Xvnc works fine too.

> > 2. a "built in" / or "packaged in"  easy to use object database or  
> > persistence facility, that i don`t have to care about all the  
> > database choosing and connection set-up to the web-framework.
> Yes, this is more of an issue.  There's no standard persistence  
> (except for simply saving the Smalltalk image...).  And the options  
> that are out there could be much easier to get started with.

But we can also mention that there *are* some nice OODB options out
there, personally I think Magma is getting more interesting day by day.
And Magma is very easy to use.

And of course you can use ImageSegments, which I do both in SqueakMap
and in my own product, HomepageBuilder. Works dandy if you have a
"document" kinda-model where the user or server can do "snapshots" at
suitable points in time.

regards, Göran

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