[Seaside] seaside sites

Martin Rubi mrubi at fibertel.com.ar
Thu Sep 22 15:00:30 CEST 2005

> I've once done a screenshot of a pie chart of one of our applications
> which you can find on page 6 in this document: http://www.adrian-
> lienhard.ch/files/mewa.pdf

Adrian, thanks a lot.

> You might like to rather look at chart libraries in Squeak (I think
> there are two on SqueakMap) in general (or ask on Squeak-Dev), since
> this is not Seaside specific. You can do any morph in Squeak and
> display it on the web page.

Maybe it's because my ignorance about web stuff is almost perfect, but I
didn't know this and it sounds awesome to me !
I think I'm even going to dare trying to do it myself.

Thanks !

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